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DKBIO Inc. HA dermal fillers, botulinums, fat dissolving injections etc.

  • Seoul, Seoul
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Nexus Pharma

  • Seoul, Gangseogu
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Agree (Fujian) Sanitary Products Co., Ltd

  • Quanzhou, Fujian
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Birstone Inc

  • Huizhou, GuangDong
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Shenzhen Hongxuda Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Shenzhen, Guangdong
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    With the mention of beauty and personal hygiene, the canvas of our minds paints the picture of tons of eye-catching makeup palettes and kits. The list also includes appealing and bright lip colors, bold and muted hues, soothing and luxurious moisturizers plus shampoos, and an entire collection of pleasant scents. The globalized cosmetics and self-care products industry approximately generates an amount of more than $300 billion in annual retail sales. Moreover, the sector has recently expanded to cater to the needs of men as well, contributing to the extension of its target market. The product line of the manufacturers within the cosmetics and personal care industry is brimmed to the fullest. There are numerous types of products such as hair care items, makeup kits, accessories, skincare items, deodorants, shaving creams, razors, soaps, nail products, etc. It is safe to say that personal care products perform quite an integral role in the maintenance and grooming of one's personality and hygiene. 


    From a global perspective, the beauty and personal care wholesale market is bursting with unique and variable products while being driven by an ever-changing regulatory landscape and the development of new technologies. Therefore, innovation is extremely crucial to the successful development of new cosmetic products. This refers to the sort of items that are safe, compliant, and effective while successfully meeting the demands of the users. began with the vision of gathering every renowned retailer and wholesaler on a single platform to promote the inevitable growth of the cosmetics and self-care sector. The idea is to bring the businesses functioning within this particular sector under one roof to make it easy for everyone to work in a collaborative manner. is a globally recognized B2B platform known within the international markets for catering to a diverse collection of reputable suppliers of cosmetics and personal hygiene products. It does not matter if you wish to procure high-quality men’s grooming supplies or a pre-designed package of wedding essentials, the distributors on our platform can satisfy your unique needs without any difficulty. 


    Collaborating with brightens up your chances to mark massive progress in terms of boosting returns on every penny spent here. How? Firstly, all the beauty and personal care distributors enlisted on our digital B2B portal are verified to sell authentic products at surprisingly affordable rates. Our representative remains at your disposal to help with the entire procurement process. They can also provide useful guidance based on a thorough analysis of the offers received while ensuring that every dealing between you and the exporters is completed effectively.

    EFFICIENT AND SECURE COMMUNICATION CHANNEL is an internationally acclaimed B2B portal with a highly reliable and technologically advanced network for establishing connections. You can safely communicate and negotiate with the suppliers without any threat of fraud, betrayal, or leakage of sensitive information. What makes working with us an exciting endeavor is that it does not require many resources to contact a manufacturer, regardless of the location of both entities. You can talk to the sellers through our portal and hold online meetings while attaining all your goals without any delays. 

    EXTEND YOUR REACH BEYOND THE DOMESTIC SELLERS prides itself on having such a wide range of retailers and wholesalers of cosmetics and self-care products belonging to the different parts of the world. We offer you an opportunity to utilize a gateway to endless possibilities by merely finalizing deals with manufacturers operating internationally instead of only indulging in business practices with local sellers. The exposure to the international markets will undoubtedly prove beneficial for the growth as you get to invest in cosmetics and personal hygiene products superior to your competitors’. Choosing to procure goods in bulk quantity through means getting served beyond your expectations while disposing of minimal resources.


    On top of incorporating quality, efficiency, and safety within the supply chain of your business, allows you to cut down costs to a great extent. As mentioned earlier, every cosmetics and self-care product you find on our portal is valued for being promising all around the globe. Going forward, adapting to globalization is an important step if businesses and multinational corporations aim to grow. Therefore, only caters to suppliers who are capable of providing premium quality goods consistently to secure short and long-term sales. You can easily purchase useful and valuable items according to your needs without paying unnecessarily high prices. One of our many objectives is to enable business people, especially those responsible for procuring inventory, to stop associating high-quality products with expensive price tags. 


    It is an undeniable fact that spending huge sums of money on beauty and self-care products is a risky endeavor. You cannot help but think about the uncertainties that surround the act of finalizing such deals. What if the quality is not what the manufacturers claimed it would be? In order to keep one safe from incurring any losses, offers them a chance to inspect and test the products prior to placing sizeable orders. This ultimately means you get to save an ample amount of time that would otherwise be spent on receiving faulty products, returning them, and starting the entire procurement process again. Think about the money, time, energy, and other resources that you can save by looking at samples first. 

    Our aim is to make your life easier by utilizing strategies that eliminate the chances of any upsetting circumstances. There are many people like you interested in procuring goods in bulk, each with a unique set of instructions on how to scout retailers and wholesalers for them. As a B2B portal, we intend to successfully entertain their requirements to remain loyal to our plans devised in the beginning. Our strategies and methodologies guarantee favorable outcomes against every penny you spend on beauty and self-care items here.   


    There is no doubt that the cosmetics and self-care sector is worth billions, but its full potential can only be perceived not witnessed. This is because every day a new self-care product or tool is introduced in the market, while an old one becomes obsolete. This constant cycle of discarding old and accepting newly launched goods results from innovation. Scientists are continuously involved in finding out the next best solution so the world can benefit from improvements. Hence, as soon as a person becomes comfortable with using a certain face care kit, a better one is put for sale on the market. 

    No one wants to invest in products that are no longer demanded or used by the people. Here’s when it becomes perfectly clear that does not only provide a list of suppliers, leaving you on your own to decide. Instead, we keep giving you updates based on studies of the international markets conducted by the professionals on our team. You can keep track of the ever-changing trends and make decisions based on the latest intel received. Moreover, the manufacturers and distributors on our portal also direct their production process accordingly as producing products that no one wants sounds like a waste of a lot of resources. Adapting to such a dynamic environment quickly is what puts you in the race while ensuring superiority over your competitors. 

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